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Velma Morgan

Chair, Operation Black Vote Canada

Velma is an educator and advocate for gender and cultural representation in government and public policy. She has experience in creating and implementing policies and programs in the provincial government for over a decade.


While in government, she ensured that the voices of marginalized communities were reflected in government’s policies and communications. She also helped to strengthen collaborative ties between racialized communities, youth and government in new and innovative ways.


As Chair of Operation Black Vote Canada, she is the architect of Black Women’s Political Summit, the first ever-Black Community Provincial leaders’ and Municipal Townhalls. Municipal Bootcamp and “Seat at the Table” program for Black women interested in Municipal politics. She also co-created the 1834 Fellowship.


Velma is also involved in a myriad of community and not-for-profit associations. Her work has been recognized for her contribution to advocating for the inclusion and representation of women and Black Canadians in all orders of our government.

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