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Maurice Mitchell

National Director, Working Families Party

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Maurice Mitchell is a nationally recognized political strategist, a visionary leader in the Movement for Black Lives, and National Director of the Working Families Party.

Raised by Caribbean working-class parents in NY, Mitchell began organizing as a teenager and never stopped. At Howard University, he organized against police brutality and for divestment from private prisons after police killed a classmate. Mitchell went on to work for several grassroots advocacy groups in his home state and became director of the NY State Civic Engagement Table. 

In the wake of the police murder of Mike Brown, Mitchell relocated to Ferguson and helped build the Movement for Black Lives. He went on to co-found and lead Blackbird, a movement anchor organization that provides strategic support to Movement for Black Lives activists across the country. 

In 2018, Maurice took the helm of the Working Families Party where he is applying his passion and experience to make WFP the political home for a multi-racial working-class movement.

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Maurice Mitchell
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