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Mia Gaviola

Chief Operating Officer, TheNerve

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Mia Gaviola is the COO and founding member of, a data insights consultancy based in Manila, that specializes in analyzing big data to bring forth powerful insights and narratives. Believing that data can shape strategies for real-world impact, Mia enables partners across a wide range of industries to cut through the clutter and extract meaning from various datasets, including disinformation, across different markets.

Previously, she worked as Rappler's Head of New Business, focused on implementing core business streams which enabled sustainable growth for the newsroom through innovations in content, commerce and data products.

In the past year, Mia and TheNerve team has provided fundamental support through data strategy for #FactsFirstPH -- a first-of-a-kind initiative in the Philippines banding together the media, civil society groups, religious institutions, business organizations, and research and legal groups in defense of facts.

Sessions #DXC23

  • Democracy Futures Opening Plenary on Integrity of Information

Mia Gaviola
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