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Sarita Srivastava

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science, OCAD U

Dr. Sarita Srivastava is Professor of Sociology and Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science at OCAD University in Toronto. Her research areas include social movements, race, and emotion, and she is the author of the forthcoming book from NYU Press, “Are You Calling Me a Racist”?: Why We Need to Stop Talking About Race and Start Making Real Antiracist Change (March 19, 2024). In her prior position as Sociology and Gender Studies professor at Queen’s University, she spent many years teaching and supervising student work in the sociology of race and gender. In her work as an activist, she was director of a national environmental campaign for Greenpeace Canada, active in community radio and environmental education, and supported indigenous, labor, and feminist social movements.


  • Agreeing to Disagree in a Democracy (Saturday, April 13 - 3:50 p.m.)

Sarita Srivastava

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