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DXC23 unlocks a new human rights learning opportunity at OCAD this spring

OCADU School of Continuing Studies

Feb 27, 2023

Summit registrants eligible for a 50% discount at OCAD’s School of Continuing Studies

Keep the DemocracyXChange momentum going with a journey to the intersection of arts, politics, and international activism.

OCAD University is offering a 50% discount on registration for Social Media, Democracy and International Human Rights Mobilization, offered by its School of Continuing Studies.

Starting May 6, this online course provides tutorials, assignments and instructor support with flexibility to allow participants to explore and engage at their own pace.

As human rights violations increase around the world, local artists and activists are fighting back. Through this course, you will better understand the struggles, meet the protectors of democracy and the regimes they are resisting, and empathize with the oppressed. Plus, you will learn how to respond constructively through artistic expression that fosters international human rights awareness and mobilization.

Explore online social movements such as #ArabSpring, #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #OccupyWallStreet, and gain insight into human rights organizations and the creatives at the heart of these movements. Journey around the globe to see how technology and art are playing an increasingly significant and important role in the conversations between corporations, governments and citizens.

Evan Tapper, Director of OCAD’s School of Continuing Studies, is anticipating a strong response: “Artists have always been fundamental to protest and advocacy. Today, technology and media enable their efforts and provide inspiration to the masses. We’re excited to examine these mobilizations and help lifelong students strengthen their own awareness and engagement.”

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to keep building your democratic resilience and creative resistance!

Register today.

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