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Renjie Butalid

Vice President of Business Development at Metrika

Renjie Butalid is an award-winning entrepreneur focused on technology startups, social innovation, and civic engagement. He currently serves as Vice President of Business Development at Metrika, a Series A startup developing a leading blockchain risk management and compliance platform for digital assets (over $22-million raised in total). Renjie is also the co-founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI), an international non-profit democratizing AI ethics literacy and responsible AI development, known for its impactful resources such as The AI Ethics Brief and The State of AI Ethics Reports.

Previously, Renjie significantly expanded McGill University's Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship as Associate Director, raising over $8-million and achieving a Top 20 global ranking of the world's top business incubators during his tenure. A recognized leader, Renjie is a Global Shaper Alumni with the World Economic Forum, a member of the Banff Forum, and a recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 award by the Waterloo Region Record. He holds a BA Economics from the University of Waterloo and an MA International Relations from Corvinus University of Budapest.

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