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Co-creating a resilient, successful and sustainable democracy

Feb 9, 2023

The Democracy Futures workshop brings people together to develop new visions and critical pathways for a resilient democracy

We’re excited to announce a special new feature at this year’s DemocracyXChange Summit, the Democracy Futures workshop being held on Friday, March 24.

Designed by OCAD U’s Super Ordinary Laboratory under the leadership of Professor Suzanne Stein and OCADU CO, in collaboration with TMU’s Leadership Lab and Brookfield Institute, participants will consider the question, “How might we create a resilient, successful and sustainable democracy?”

Workshop facilitators will guide groups focused on four themes (climate change, social inequality, misinformation and trust in governance) to uncover new insights, connections, implications and opportunities for a future democracy that is resilient.

Participants will draw on their own areas of expertise, ranging from policy, governance, economics to environment technology and culture, while working through various tools and processes of strategic foresight.

Strategic foresight is an approach to rigorously look at different possibilities of how the future may unfold over time, given the changing and dynamic core drivers of change. This approach identifies causal factors, implications, and actions to help foster a preferred future, as envisioned and articulated through the workshop and conference proceedings.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have co-developed a shared understanding of the factors that may support or threaten democracy, and identify top areas of actions across stakeholder groups.

Given the participatory nature of this workshop, the goal is to ensure broad representation across diverse sectors with people who have the experience and expertise in their respective fields. As a result, participants will be drawn from an invited list; however, #DXC registrants will be able to apply to participate in the workshop after they have secured their summit ticket. We hope you will join us! Register today.

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