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Christo Grozev

Investigative Journalist, Spiegel and The Insider

Christo Grozev is an award-winning investigative journalist writing for Spiegel and The Insider. He was formerly executive director of Bellingcat, the award-winning open-source investigative platform.

In his research work for Bellingcat he focused on security threats, extraterritorial clandestine operations, and the weaponization of information. His investigations into the identity of the suspects in the 2018 Novichok poisonings in the UK earned him and his team the European Press Prize for Investigative Journalism as well as the London Press Prize. Christo also led the team that identified the FSB team that poisoned Alexey Navalny and had previously poisoned dozens of other Russian activists.

For many years Christo supervised the radio and internet operations of a public US company in Europe and Russia, and currently owns and operates national radio stations in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Christo Grozev holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the American University in Bulgaria and has an MBA in Finance, Law, and Law and Economics masters degrees.

Christo Grozev

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