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Laurie Mulvey

Clinical Professor, Penn State

Laurie Mulvey is the Director and Co-Founder of World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy at Penn State. Under her leadership, World in Conversation became the largest dialogue center in the United States, hosting nearly 20,000 participants each academic year. The center has worked with universities in more than 30 different countries to host cross-border dialogues. While Laurie has been leading the training of conflict facilitators (and facilitator trainers) for over thirty years, Laurie has also led a clinical research program and spearheaded a multi-year, organization-wide process to build a method for addressing social problems in small groups. Laurie is the author of Making Peace Between Our Colors: The Inner Work (2008), Transforming Conflict and Collaboration: Essentials for Facilitated Dialogue (2019), and is currently working on another book titled, Group Thinking: Building Solutions with Our Opponents.


  • Agreeing to Disagree in a Democracy (Saturday, April 13 - 3:50 p.m.)

Laurie Mulvey

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